Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cute Free Blog Widgets

I'm coming back !!!

Okay, so even though I reaalllllyyyy want to be an Indonesian Beauty Blogger, I realized that I don't have enough time to review all my beauty products lol

So yeah, I think thats a baka thing to do something that you are not for, so now I'm gonna write anything that happen in my life, whether you like it or not. Muahahaha . No no no, JUST KIDDING

Of course I will keep write every review from my beauty products, but recently when I was googling, I found this kawaii site that provides you FREE CUTE BLOG WIDGETS, WALLPAPER, and soon. It called as CUTEKI .
I think so many people want to turn their blog into something different, and for you girls, who loves kawaii things, you gonna die when you see this site xD
And, I'm not paid for this, but for you who want to find cute things to customized your blog this site is the right place for you :)

You can visit their site here

And just for example, you can see my calendar and my pin widget on the left side, psst I just downloaded it from CUTEKI

So cute right ?? >///<
 Kindly visit their site, customized your blog, and turn it into kawaii blog

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