Monday, September 17, 2012

L'oreal White Perfect Series Review

So, recently I'm using White Perfect Series from L'oreal as my routine skincare.
As it claims, it contains TOURMALINE GEMSTONE and MELANIN VANISH, which is believed can make your face more shiny, and you can get more radiant skin xD who don't want??

Of course as Indonesian, it's really really hard to get fair, shiny, bright skin in this country.
Believe me, its super duper humid and hot here, and its easily make our skin look dull and oily.
So, I decided to buy it at L'oreal counter here, and luckily, I got special offer that day !!!
Normally, I have to pay around Rp 265000 for 3 items ; 50ml Day Cream, 50ml Night Cream, and 200ml Toner. But, lucky me, I only have to pay Rp 190000, because the BA said, that they have special offer, buy 2 get 3 :D
So I only paid for the day cream and night cream, and I get free toner that day . yeay !!

Here they are,

1.L'oreal Day Cream SPF 17//PA ++ 50ml

As you can see, this cream is quite thick :( . But it comes with a 50ml glass jar which I love it :)
Plus, they give you extra security cap to make sure that your cream always on good condition and hygiene, of course :)

Before I know how important moisturized skin as your basic before you do makeup, I only put a little amount of it because I don't want my face look too oily . But turn out I'm wrong.
I put this day cream in proper amount, about pea size all over my face and my neck, and it gives me healthy dewy finish *_* love it !!
But remember, if you already have super oily skin, I suggest you to not put this day cream too much, because yes, it can makes you look like a disco ball. lol
I think its quite good as a moisturizer and day cream, because it has SPF 17 PA++ which enough for your indoor activity, and give you perfect base before you apply your BB cream or foundation. It makes your skin glow :O

2. L'oreal Night Soothing Cream 50ml

Yes, this cream comes with lovely purple color :3
Texture is not as thick as the day cream, but for a night cream, i think its quite hard to absorb to your skin.
Smell is good , not bother me at all .
As the day cream, this  night cream comes with extra secure cap, but clumsy me, I pushed it too hard when I tried to close it, so that cap moves from the top to inside the jar --" wtf
In the morning, I feel my skin soother after using this cream  :)

3. L'oreal white Perfect Toner 200ml

I love this toner !! >.<
It's light, not greasy at all, and didnt make my face dry.
Eventhough I'm not sure about its whitening properties .lol
But yes, I love to use it as my current toner now ^^
Comes with a plastic bottle, I think the packaging is quite good, doesnt look cheap, but I hate the fact that this toner contains alcohol :(
Maybe it won't be your dry skin partner .

Pros :
- great packaging, doesnt look cheap
- affordable price
- smells good
- give me healthy dewy finish ^^

Cons :
- I'm not sure about the whitening properties, maybe I should wait longer :P
- cream texture a lil bit greasy, hard to absorb to your skin
- toner contains alcohol, it won't be suit your dry skin

Well, I think as affordable drugstore product, it's not that bad, but I need more quick result for the whitening properties :D lol
Repurchase? Maybe, I'll use it till the end, and give you an update later .
See ya !! and keep reading girls !!

Sorry, for lack of updates now . I'm terribly busy with my job >.<

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Vicky Hoang said...

that's really great that you received such a great deal :) i'm gonna look up these products!

primas agustina said...

yeah, I'm glad that I can get that great deal :D

such a nice blog !! already became your follower ^^

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