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AKB48's and JKT48's Short Biography

 Heiiii , back again with me (≧ω≦)  lol

Sorry for lack for updates, you know lah, I'm pretty busy with my life xD
So today, I'm gonna share some stories from my favorite idol group, JKT48 o(≧o≦)o . Actually, about a month ago, on March 2nd 2013 JKT48, the first overseas sister's group of AKB48, come to my town at Semarang !! huaaa I'm so excited about this event(I'll post about it later) !!

For you who have no idea about AKB48 or JKT48, here I will share some info about them .
  • AKB48
src : google image

AKB48 is japanese idol group , which originally consist of 48 members , divided into 3 teams, named A, K, and B, each has 16 members (src : wikipedia ) . All of AKB48's members is young girl which range in age from early teens to mid 20's . Produced by Yasushi Akimoto, this idol group created on 2005, through an audition that held in search of a group of girl, and have a concept "idol that you can meet" . They have their own theater at Akihabara, and perform there almost everyday .

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Beside their activities on theatre, they also make appearance on several TV shows . This idol group also have a restrict rules about dating . Each members must follow one golden rules, which is forbid their members to have any special relationship with guy(dating) . They must be "well-behave" cause if they're not, they may be expelled from this group .

They well known for their popular song, such as Sakura no Hanabiratachi , Heavy Rotation, Beginner, Iiwake Maybe , River, Oogoe Diamond, and such . And for me, they also have their unique and kawaii style (≧◡≦) . Too bad, one of my favorite member, or usually called as my "Oshi" , Atsuko Maeda-san graduated on August 2012 (´ー`) .

atsuko maeda
atsuko maeda

src : google image
src : google image

For me, the biggest reason why I love 48's family is simply because I love their music, and I love how they give different image as an idol . They put a lot of hardwork , discipline, and effort from the beginning till now they reach their success . Unlike most of artist that only have their luck and pretty face(ups, sorry) this group start their career as nothing and now they become something . Yeah, I think it's a good thing to follow their hardwork to reach our dream

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And now, they've several sister group, such as SKE48, HKT48, NMB48, SDN48 that based on Japan,and also  their overseas sister group, JKT48(Indonesia) and the latest one, SNH48(Shanghai) .

Now, let me present to you, AKB48's first overseas sister group, JKT48 !!! (✿ ♥‿♥) 

  • JKT48
JKT48 is AKB48's first overseas sister group . They based on Jakarta, Indonesia . Consist of 52 members range from teenage age to mid 20's .
They first introduced to public on 2 November 2011, through an audition held by Yasushi Akimoto, Producer for all of 48's family . At the beginning, 28 girls passed the first audition, and later called as Team J.

JKT48's on 2011(original members)
 Not much different with their older sister, JKT48 also have their own theater, located at fX Sudirman , a shopping mall at Jakarta . You can see their daily performance there, with a set list that consist of 16 songs which have been translated into Indonesian(Bahasa) .

Before called as Team J, all selected members still on Kenkyuusei (training) step . There is six members who  graduated(resign) when they still as training member , Siti Gayatri , Intania Pratama Ilham , Allisa Astri , Fahira , Neneng Rosediana(Ochi) , Cleopatra .

Soon after some graduations from their member, at Tokyo Dome concert 24 August 2012 where all 48's family participated,  Mr.Yasushi Akimoto made a shocking announcement about transferring some AKB48's members to their sister group . And then two members of AKB48, Aki Takajo and Haruka Nakagawa , were transferred to JKT48 .

Aki Takajo(left) and Haruka Nakagawa(right) src : google image

Aki Takajo and Haruka with JKT48's members
After transferred to JK48, Aki Takajo and Haruka Nakagawa made their first television debut on 9 December 2012, at Indonesian music show, Dahsyat, and theater debut on 26 December 2012 .

Akicha and Haruka on Dahsyat
Like all of 48's family, every member of JKT48 also have strict rules about dating . Even though some of their  members hits by dating scandal but fortunately they aren't expelled from this group . 

One year after debut, JKT48 finally released their first  album titled "Heavy Rotation" on 16 February 2013 . This CD Album contains 10 AKB48's and other sister group's song , which has translated into Indonesian .

JKT48's 1st Album

This CD contains some popular AKB48's songs, such as Baby! Baby! Baby! , Heavy Rotation, Oogoe Diamond, Hikoukigumo, Ponytail to Chou Chou, and also SKE48's song, Gomen ne Summer .

Do I already have this CD ? Of course laa, I'm a big fans of them, you know o (≧ o ≦) o 

please ignore my weird face --"

Luckily, I got this CD directly from JKT48's most famous  member, Nabilah Ratna Ayu (≧ ω ≦) (actually, she is my Oshi >.<) on a special event on my town, Semarang , as I've mentioned earlier . I don't know why, but she reminds me a lot with Oku Manami lol .Curious about this special event? Of course I'll post this event later XD .

Oku Manami(left) and Nabilah(right)
Okay, back again to business lol . As new comer in music industries, JKT48 already got some awards for their existance, such as Yahoo! OMG Awards as Best Group 2012, HAI readers Music Awards 2012 as Best Single, Best Costume, Best Stage Performance, Best Freshmeat, and Best of The Best(non nominee), etc . So yeah, of course this is a proof that  they are not only physically good and kawaii but also great as idol , and as their fans, I'm so PROUD of them >.< !!! 
So much things that I've not mentioned about them yet, but I think you can google it to get their complete profile lol .

Okay, I'm sooo tired now, and I'll give you extra picture of AKB48 and JKT48 , see ya !! 

all image src : google image

JKT48 2nd generation(kenkyuusei)

all image source : google image

Bonus Pict :

My Oshi Nabilah  '▽ `) ノ

nabilah when perform unit song "tsundere"

all image src : google image 

PS : Recently JKT48's official twitter @officialJKT48 has announced that JKT48 will release their new cover single of AKB48, RIVER on early May !!!

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