Saturday, June 15, 2013

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 01 Black Review

Hello .... Back again with another review from me ^^

I've been searching for a good eye liner for a long time, and still confuse to decide what kind of eye liner that I'm going to wear . I'm using pencil liner for a looong time, and now I'm going to try something new, and I find out that there's so many good review about this baby, so I give it a try !! xD

Are you facing the same problem like me?
  • Oily eyelids that causing your eye liner fade away just in a few hours
  • Love to watch korean drama, crying during the show, and messed up your eye makeup
  • Have no time to touch up your makeup
  • Suddenly got bitten by an ant and you have to rub your eyes lol(forget it)
Then you need to buy this Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner .

Comes with black carton packaging, it looks pretty good ^^ .
What you get inside? There is a brush(with a good quality !!), and a jar of gel liner . I loove this gel liner packaging !! Doesn't look cheap at all >.<

Product Description :

"The long wearing creamy gel texture provides the desired intense lines with a smooth, even application."

  • Creamy gel type allows to draaw a smooth clean line without crease
  • Customzed eye line brush allows lines to be drawn as desired from fine to thick
  • The creamy gel textures dries quickly after application
  • Long lasting , water-proof, and smudge-proof formula that resists sweat, tears, and water .

Here is product swatch on my hand

 As you can see, for me, this liner colour isn't as subtle as what I've expected :( but it's ok laa, since I don't have any trouble to applying this liner few times to get thick line . And it dries quickly, so you better hurry when you drawing your liner lol .

And here's the product after I wash it with water and rubbed it(very very hardly lol)

And last, after I swipe it with my cleansing oil 

okay, my skin must be crying now, I rubbed it too hard lol

What I like about this product is it can stay on my super oily eyelids all day long cause I use it everyday for about 12 hours !!

Anyway here's the pic on my eyelids after 9 hours application

just focus on my eyes lol

As you can see, the staying power is great !! it stays on my eyelids, as it claims, smudge proof and sweat proof . Just fyi, I've already washed my face twice(to pray, I'm a moslem) and it stays there without any crease . Great !! I'm using bomgyeol BB Cream on this pic, I'll review about it later ^o^

  • great staying power !! (up to 12 hours on my oily eyelids)
  • water-proof
  • sweat-proof
  • love the packaging !! x)
  • easy to use, and you'll get good quality brush inside

  • not gives you subtle colour, you must re-apply few times to get jet black colour(actually it doesn't matter for me)
  • dries so fast, so you must apply it quickly !!
  • I haven't found other down side lol

I got mine for IDR 72000 or about $7 , pretty cheap for a good quality gel eyeliner . 
Have you ever try this product too? Let's share your experience here ^^

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